Madeline Island, Wisconsin

(Disclaimer: this was written before we left for our big trip) Madeline Island, Wisconsin is one of our family’s favorite places to be. Our parents have been going there since collage with friends. 

Almost every summer, we go back with those same friends and their kids. Madeline Island is very community centered. If you live there, everyone knows everyone. Makes sense seeing that the island is only 5 miles long! You take a ferry to get there, and the first thing you see is is the small town of La Point. Town has Grandpa Tony’s ice cream, the Beach Club, Toms Burnt Down Cafe (which is exactly what you would think of when you hear that) and couple other small gift stores. The rest of the island is beautiful beaches, gorgeous woods, and a feeling of calmness. The second you get on the island, you relax. It was a beautiful and relaxing trip right before the trip of a lifetime.  -Ava

Madeline island is a nice place to stay. It is a small island in Lake Superior that has nice beaches, fun cafes, and is very relaxing. My family has been going to Madeline Island for as long as I can remember. We go to the island with some great friends that my parents went to college with. Their kids also come to the island. On the island there are a few shops in the little town called, La Point. In this town there is, Toms Burnt Down Cafe, an ice cream shop and a nice beach called big bay. There are also a lot more tiny shops. It’s hard to imagine all the memories I have of this island. Despite the size, there is much to do on the island. To get to the island you must use a ferry. The ferry ride is very fun and I enjoy it. I love the island and everything on it. Everything is exiting and fun and I just can’t wait to go back. -Tucker

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  1. Thanks, Ava and Tucker, for your “Prelude to the Trip of a Lifetime”! Many years ago when Les and I were on Madeleine with Mom and Dad Carroll, we too loved the ferry and smells and sights of the island. As I recall our time wasn’t as relaxed as was yours; Mom C had some scary digestive issues, none that necessitated an early departure, however. I can’t wait for your and Carmen’s next journal entries. What a way to get educated. I’m for it! Trying to imagine where you are now… Jan

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