Bali, Indonesia

AVA- Bali was full of ups and downs. One of the key points of Bali for me was Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. Sweater weather, traditions, and the jolly mood. While this Christmas wasn’t all bad, there were definitely highs and lows. We spent Christmas in Seminyak, Bali. Widely known for its beautiful beaches and amazing… Read More Bali, Indonesia


TUCKER- I really liked Vietnam. During our time in Vietnam, we went on a long nice tour which took up most of time in the beautiful country. We started in the the city of Hanoi. We stayed in a hotel with great food and a really nice and helpful staff. One of the craziest things… Read More Vietnam


TERESA- I have always wanted to go to Thailand and see its serene temples, beautiful beaches and eat as much Thai food as possible. I did not do a lot of the planning for this part of the trip and since we were going to be in country over a month, we felt there would… Read More Thailand


Tokyo Kyoto/Hakone DAN- Johannesburg to Tokyo…. whoo. First impression, this is the quietest, cleanest city in the world. The mix of electric vehicles and everyone trying not to be noticed means that even the largest city in the world is eerily quiet. Combine this with the lack of English speakers and uniqueness of culture, Japan… Read More Japan