York, England

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York, England is full of so much history! They have beautiful churches built in 1280 AD that took over 250 years to build, and we recently learned that every step you take is on a dead Victorian, Viking, Romans, or a very old British person because they had so many dead bodies and no where to put them, they just built over them! All of the shops and alleys look like something out of “Harry Potter”. There are street performers around every corner, and afternoon tea is a big deal. We went to have some, and it was amazing! Everyone loved Betty’s tea house for their food, tea, and great service. All in all, York is a beautiful  and full of life and curiosities.– Ava

This is my second day around the world! I’m in York right now and can’t believe that my trip around the world is finally happening! We’re going to be gone for ten months! Tomorrow we go to Manchester. We get to see our very first soccer (football) game. It’ll be Manchester City v   Bournemouth. (video coming)York is a very nice place to stay. It used to be a massive castle that had been ruled by Vikings, Romans and many more. Here you can take walks along castle walls, ghost tour’s, and walk around the York Minster.  York is supposed to be the most haunted place in England,(hence the ghost tour). If you travel to York I recommend that you eat at the House of Trembling Madness. It’s a very nice local restaurant established in the 1100s and has a nice view of the York Minster. The York Minster is a large church that is very cool. It has high roofs and intricate gothic detailing. I have enjoyed staying here and can’t wait to share more stories with you.- Tucker

I loved the two days I spent in York! It is a cute, supposedly haunted, little town. I think The Shambles are the best spot to go. The Shambles are streets of little shops and pubs. In York you defiantly need to go on a ghost tour. I’d suggest the Shadows of York ghost tour because its a great experience and the guide is very nice. I guess I do believe that York is haunted, because Ava has seen two ghosts in the past, and apparently she felt a “ghostly presence” at a restaurant. Anyway, Betty’s tea house is a great little place for tea time. You should go, even if you have never done tea time before, because the workers are very helpful and kind. -Carmen.

The Planning- To plan for this part of the journey, I relied heavily on podcasts and links found through the following travel website:  https://uktravelplanning.com/

They have a great Facebook page you can join where questions are answered by the moderators and the group.  When the rail strikes hit, this was especially helpful for up to minute responses helping me plan for our travel days. 

Betty’s Tea House-  afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, scones and delectable deserts – I highly recommend reserving online ahead of your trip. 

The House of Trembling Madness- wander up the staircase in the back of the liquor store to the pub that has been there since AD1180.  I went there just for the name and the history but the food and drinks were worth the trip as well.  

Walk the Castle walls-  it is free and, how cool it to walk the walls and image what it looked like back in time. 

Where we stayed:  we rented an AirBNB just about a 7 minute walk from the shambles.  Since there are 5 of us and taxis only take 4, we split up at the train station, 3 rode and dealt with the luggage while the other two walked 20 minutes from the station.  Piccadilly Place AirBNB had everything we needed and the location great!  –  Teresa/ Mom

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  1. So fun, Carroll’s! Safe travels. We will all be living vicariously through your ‘round the world adventures! Have so much fun. I’m excited to follow along.

  2. Hey you guys! Love to hear about your interesting trip and imagining, since I’m in the sofa for several weeks, having had a surgery to fuse my right toe. Who knew pain could be so constant! I’ll pretend I’m with you as you go. Thanks for the fine descriptions, which made imagining easy. Love to you all.

  3. Ah! I can’t wait to hear about more “ghostly presences” on your trip! Didn’t know that Ava had that gift! Looking forward to reading more!

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