Paris, France: The Sights to See

Video by Tucker

TUCKER- I just left Paris and it was awesome! We have seen so much. We spent a day at the Eiffel Tower. We went up to the second tier and saw an amazing view of Paris. The Tower is really tall, and I already knew that, but it still surprised me when we saw it. We also saw the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. We went to Montmartré and saw a great view over the city. There were tons of people that all crowded together to watch the sunset. It was a cool place and loaded with history. There were markets every Sunday where people would set up dozens of stands to sell produce, wine and even fish. We also went to a city called Versailles. There is a massive palace that stretched on for miles. In the far ends of the garden, there was a small set of houses. We called them hobbit houses and it was a very pretty place to be. These were most of the big sites we saw. These are some of my favorite memories from Paris.

AVA- France was incredible. Whether it’s the food, the sights, the sounds, or the atmosphere you go for it’s sure to be worth the trip. I loved all of the artwork at the Louvre. It felt as if every work of art could be the center of its own museum. The Musée de Orsay was one of my favorite stops, for it had some of my personal favorite works of art. I enjoyed the Eiffel Tower much more than I thought I would. It has this magnificent grand feeling that makes you feel small, but in the best way possible. The catacombs were scary. You walk past rows and rows of century old skeletons below layers and layers of earth. It’s absolutely chilling. Versailles might be my favorite stop in France. I felt like true royalty the whole day. The palace is huge, and looks like a fairytale movie set. Every room has something new and more grand than the last. The gardens are incredible. I especially like the little fairy cottages that are said to have been a hide-away from the rest of the world for royalty. I don’t blame them. If I ever got bored of the palace (which is unlikely) then the fairy cottages are where I would be.  France was more than I could have ever hoped for, and I am so grateful I got to experience it.

CARMEN- My favorite thing that we did was eating lunch in the Eiffel Tower, it was the most amazing experience. We also went to the Louvre, where the pantings were beautiful. On the contrary, going into the catacombs was, well, an interesting experience. It turns out that I do NOT like the sight of millions of human skulls and bones. The Liberation Museum of Paris was really cool and taught about their history of WW2. It even had a VR experience in this old military base under ground. We also spent a day at this super cool palace in Versailles, and I was fascinated with the history there. Paris is surely a place I will never forget.

TERESA-Lunch at the Eiffel Tower-  we scheduled this several weeks in advance.  It allowed us up to the second level for the view and the food and drinks were spectacular.  This was Carmen’s big activity that we saved money specifically for prior to the trip.   A lunch we will never forget!

The Louvre – the grounds are absolutely beautiful, as is the park next to it.  As is the Louvre Tuileries.  We saw all of the usual famous exhibits but I was mesmerized by Fugue/Trampoline, a live performance by Yoann Bourgeois.  I also enjoyed Le Louvre Medieval, an exhibit in the basement that showed some of the original walls of the museum and a 3d rendering of when the buildings and grounds were built . 

Saints-Chapelle – This is a beautiful church with amazing stained glass. I was glad we got the audio tour as it added a lot of information we would have never known (truth, it was too much info and we didn’t listen to all of it).  Although I thought a sunny day would be best, the stained glass is better viewed on a cloudy day.  Otherwise it is too bright to photograph.  Short and sweet, worth the time.  (Thank you Leslie for this recommendation!)

Arc de Triomphe – We bought tickets for sunset and it loved it.  I recommend going to the top but know it has a lot of stairs.  

Catacombs of Paris – This history is crazy, and beautiful, and weird.  

Muse de la Liberation de Paris – This museum came as a great surprise.  The basement held a Virtual Reality Headset tour in which you take part in the resistance movement.   The entire museum was fabulously informative and even though were a bit “museum Ed out,” I am thankful we went.   If you are going to the catacombs, add this on to your time there as it is just across the street.  

Center Pompidou – Modern Art Museum – Make your own judgement about the outside of this building.  I am going with ugly eyesore.  However, take the escalators up to get to the museum entrance and you will get a great view of Paris.  We returned at night to see the Eiffel Tower Sparkle the evening before we left Paris.  I also loved the gift shop here.  

The video below is titled Fugue/Trampoline, by Yoann Bourgeois set in front of the Louvre. We all loved the beauty and talent of this performance. We hope you enjoy a bit of this show.

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