Tivoli. It’s the second oldest amusement park in the world. There was an awesome ride that would spin you around and upside down lots of times. It was really fun. There was a ride with swings that took you high enough up, to see Sweden! Tivoli has been one of my favorite things so far, and I really hope I can go again sometime.-Tucker

The day we went to Tivoli was one of my favorite days on this trip so far. We had so much fun going on all the rides, making flower crowns, and their delicious food. (Which includes lots of delicious, and also a lot of unhealthy. ) My favorite rides where  flying on chairs and a rollercoaster you did 2 loops on. I am so happy and grateful we were given such a perfect day! This is defiantly a must-go place if you ever find yourself with spare time in Copenhagen. Hope you enjoy the video! -Ava

This must be the world’s classiest theme park. Gardens everywhere and places to just sit and enjoy the day. All topped with great rides and food in the heart of Copenhagen. – Dad

“Fun and candy floss.” – Carmen

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