Manchester City Game

The Manchester city game was an absolute blast! I had so much fun and it was awesome to see the fantastic foot skills. This will be a day I will remember forever. -Ava

We love this place Manchester City!

The logistics: I reserved a room in downtown Manchester for the game on Because we are 5 and it is Europe, we were forced to purchase two rooms. We stayed at Abode, a beautiful and funky hotel downtown. The rooms were definitely large enough for 5! The downside was they are not used to heat waves and we fried overnight in the rooms. Location-wise, it was great. We were able to walk to the stadium (30 Minutes) then to our train the following morning. Buying tickets to a Manchester City game as an outsider was not easy. The tickets are not released to fans until a short time before the match. If you are traveling all the way from the US and are a planner, like me, this is a stressful situation. I signed myself and Tucker up as City Members ($35/$25), months in advance, so that we were able to purchase tickets. Another website, also has resale tickets. They do not guarantee the tickets, nor do you get them until a day before the game is scheduled. Lastly, the games time change depending on the local broadcast network so be ready to be flexible. As City Members we were able to get tickets when they were released and buy up to two extra each. The tickets were quite reasonable compared with US professional soccer prices. They were also much cheaper than the resale tickets. We lucked out with great seats and a winning game!

Being in the stadium was a fun and raucous experience. The stadium was sold out for the home opener. It was a beautiful day for the beautiful game!- Teresa

 I went to a Manchester city game 2 days ago. It was awesome. I got to see some great players such as, Kevin De Bruyne, Haaland, and Danny Silva. Manchester dominated and won four nil. I also got a gift for my friend Eoghan, (pronounced ow-en) and played ping pong by the stadium.-Tucker

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  1. I love hearing details from your travels.
    Don’t know how you ever got so close to De Bruyne to get that great shirt pic!

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